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Styles Of Bedroom Furniture in St Louis


Shubert Design Furniture business is located in St. Louis. The store is known for having fine and quality bedroom furniture products. This business is a good option when shopping for bedroom furniture sets in St. Louis. Most customers choose a design to reflect their personal preference and can become overwhelmed with a lot of choices. However, style and comfort are always important factors when deciding on a bed.


Customers have a lot of styles to choose from when shopping at Shubert's. The store has a large selection of mattresses, beds, nightstands, lamps and mirrors. Popular bed styles include fine, country, modern and rustic.

Some customers are looking for traditional styles when buying a bed. This style involves the type of materials and the decorative nature of the pieces. A traditional bed frame or chest is made with wood. The types of wood used in this style are cherry wood, walnut, oak and mahogany. The design consists of plain, modest, straight panels, carved wood motifs, four-poster and sleigh.


A room with a contemporary appeal should be paired with a contemporary bed set. Platform beds are modern and come in a variety of designs. The theme for platform is convenience with it's built-in storage units and night stands. A common trend is to cover the headboards with leather or fabric. This decorating style is classy and simple and depends on the preference of the individual.


It is common to consider comfort when looking for bed sets. The country style begins with comfort and provides a relaxing environment. Many country bed sets consist of comforters, multiple pillows, nightstand, chest, light curtains and an over-sized knotty-pine bed. The posters contain large, round balls on oak beds that can be used for hanging colorful quilts.


Custom-made beds are an option when wanting one made out of certain materials. Log beds add a weathered look which can give a natural charm to a room. The look is completed by adding wild flowers, antiques, benches and tables. A country design is very inviting and peaceful when sleeping in the room.



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