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Homeowners have many choices when purchasing furnishings for the house. Retailers offer a variety of options to suit any taste. Those consumers who want to create a modern environment should visit a contemporary furniture St Louis supplier like Shubert Design Furniture to review the most popular designs available.


Simplicity is central to any modern decor but simple does not mean boring. Shapes and crisp lines combine to create a comfortable environment that is sleek and trendy. The space between furnishings is just as important to the overall design as the actual pieces themselves.


Furnishings are arranged in a way that structural elements, including windows and doorways, contribute to the lines. If different shapes are used, they should complement each other. Designers avoid clutter by leaving plenty of empty space around individual elements.


Neutral color schemes with splashes of bright color for contrast are characteristic of most modern designs. White, black or beige upholstery with brightly colored accessories look best against a dark background. Bright upholstery against neutral walls is a suitable alternative. Colorful prints or patterns will clash so most designers avoid them in a modern setting. One exception is a simple animal print such as zebra or something with no more than two colors.


Homeowners should choose chairs and sofas upholstered with fabrics that have natural textures. Linen, wool and silk are popular choices. Textured fabrics are also appropriate for window treatments, throw pillows and rugs. Other materials to look for include stone, metal and glass.


A modern interior design puts the emphasis on individual elements. Strategically placed spotlights directed at a poster or piece of artwork will draw attention. Recessed lighting provides a soft glow and frees up additional space because it eliminates the need for floor lamps and other lighting fixtures.


When choosing furnishings, consumers should stick with just a few essential pieces. Each piece should make a statement without additional embellishment. Professional decorators avoid tassels, fringe, intricate metal scrolling and carved wood pieces. Keeping the focus on shape and the way the piece fits in with the surroundings will produce the best results.


Homeowners can find stylish and affordable options at Shubert Design, a contemporary furniture St. Louis retailer. Home decorating is easy with so many choices. Homeowners should feel free to experiment with different styles, colors and fabrics to create their own individual look. The best modern designs create a comfortable atmosphere that is uncluttered.


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