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Shubert Design has been supplying modern furniture in St. Louis since 1980. With more than 30 years of experience in supplying beautiful furnishings to the population around the St. Louis area Shubert Design is winning the hearts and minds of their customers on a daily basis.


Shubert Design may not be the biggest design firm in the business, but you can be sure that the expertise and creativity of its merchandising team, which utilizes a background in interior design to equip the entire store with only the finest products in the industry, will keep you satisfied.


The conservative business practices of Linda and Jim Shubert have been the backbone of this company. With a good understanding of economics they refused to build their business with borrowed money. Instead, they allow Shubert Design to grow naturally with a full line of modern furniture in St. Louis that includes every room of the house.


With this tactic, it was a sure bet that nothing was going to be left to chance. Those sound business practices have earned respect from other sectors of the industry. Not only did they pay close attention to what was going on under their own business roof, they also paid close attention to the demand for modern furniture in St. Louis. This allowed them to build on what people were looking for, and create a strong foundation for everything else they did in the business.


When you come into Shubert Design you can be sure that the furniture you find there is of the highest quality. As a matter of fact, you can expect that every piece has been inspected and must meet only the highest standards in the industry. Only the best, known brands in the U.S. can be found at Shubert Design, and you can find them at competitive prices. Along with the finest modern furniture in St. Louis you will also find pricing that is guaranteed to please you. Everyday value pricing provides 40-70% of the already low MSRP. That means you receive even more value for your money.


As you tour the furniture showroom your tour guide will be one of the interior design specialists so that you will be able to find the right fit for your needs. And you are sure to be impressed to find that Shubert Design has their very own experienced staff, that includes a furniture finisher and upholsterer, who will make sure that your modern dining room furniture or other pieces are finished to perfection. Assuring you with the highest quality furniture possible.


Since it is important to Shubert Design that you are satisfied with your modern furniture, they only work with manufacturers who provide warrantees for their products and Shubert Design will work with you to make sure that you love the furniture you receive!



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Sales associates in Shubert's are willing to help with selecting the right furniture pieces. Finding the right furniture in St Louis is important when upgrading the current decor or moving into a new home.


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